Mr. Max Dolgicer

Mr. Max Dolgicer

Art Collector & Investor

For more than 25 years Mr. Dolgicer has been an active investor and  advisor to different stage startups and major technology companies, mostly focusing on products strategy, positioning and roadmaps and covering Enterprise software and Internet technologies companies. He is also a vivid art Collector and is actively involved with a number of technology companies in this space.

At International System Group (ISG), Inc  Mr. Dolgicer has been involved in leading management and technical roles in many of the major engagements for ISG’s clients. Some of the projects included companies such as 3M, Carey International, United States Patent Office (USPTO), New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Credit Suisse, Federal Reserve of San Francisco, Allstate Insurance, Financial Times Interactive, MetLife, Principal Financial Group, Cigna, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Delta Airlines and Goldman Sachs.

Mr. Dolgicer is recognized speaker, instructor and lecturer. He also served as chairman of a number international technology conferences.

Mr. Dolgicer’s academic background includes a Master in Computer Science from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.