Mr. Edmond Safdie

Mr. Edmond Safdie

President, Safdié Equites

Edmond is a 3rd generation member of the Safdié banking family of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Safdié family founded and operated Banque Safdié, Banco Cidade and Commercial Bank of New York over a 45 year period. The Family exited the banking industry in 2010.

Edmond started his career at Abel Noser Corp (Member NYSE) in New York in 2010, serving as AVP of Institutional Sales and Trading. In 2011 Edmond joined Livian & Co. Investment and Wealth Management, serving as Associate Director of Business Development. Edmond is also Co-President of Safdié Equities, a New York real estate investment company.

In 2015, Edmond joined his father Gabriel Safdié in Panama City to run their single-family office. Today the family is focused on global public markets, private debt, agriculture, and real estate investments in New York, Sao Paulo and Panama.

Edmond earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Babson College in 2009.