Dr. Anita Jain Shembekar, PhD  

Dr. Anita Jain Shembekar, PhD  

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Anita Jain Shembekar has her doctorate in Leadership Mangement. Her varied career includes, global business solutions, marketing strategies, business development; training  program development, management and deployment; change integration; managing cross functional business process teams; recruiting and customer service solutions.  For almost 20 years, Anita provided business solutions and strategies to Fortune 500 companies and also assisted with change management.

She sat on the Advisory board for the College of Business at USF and also was very active with the College of Business at USF with the Mentor Program.  She was one of the founding members for the IndoUs Chamber of Commerce and was instrumental in deploying several programs for new members.

Anita has focused her time more than over the last decade in developing communities, concentrating in the real estate sector and in heavy acquisition in the Tampa Bay Area.  She has acquired over 500 properties and was the recognized as a top buyer in depressed areas.  Anita was instrumental in revitalization and gentrification and also received The Community Hero Award in an organization she concentrates in.

Anita has developed an exceptional background in working with people and project management and a professional style based on excellent interpersonal communications and an ability to make the best possible use of her personal network.

However, her biggest achievement is in raising her 3 sons: Jackson, Preston & Colin.  Anita continues to live in Tampa, serve in the community and provide leadership and guidance for upcoming professionals and entrepreneurs.